A Green Touch

Just by staying at Kabas Hostel you’re helping the environment without giving in on your comfort. We try to do as much as possible to minimalize our environmental impact. Here are a couple of things we already implemented:

  • Our electricity provider uses 100% renewable energy resources
  • All our cleaning products are environmentally certified.
  • The toilet paper in the Hostel is 100% recycled
  • Almost all of our electrical devices (Washing machines, dryer, cooking fire,…) have at least the A lable for energy effeciency.
  • The hot water boiler is also energy efficient
  • All of the lights in the Hostel are LED or CFL, so very energy efficient.
  • We try to do our waste sorting as good as possible, don’t worry it’s very easy!
  • Our own chickens and our composter take care of part of the garbage

So we don’t ask to take shorter showers or anything like that, just enjoy yourself! We take care of the rest 🙂